Homophobia in life

Watching 'Gay footballers in Britain' I have come to realise yet another sad fact that in such circles it is still so stereotypical and it's so unaccepted to be who you are.

I find it astonishing that in so many circles it is so unacceptable to be gay. It angers me to such a high level. Why on earth should it matter who you're attracted to?! How does that change anything in your professional life? How does it affect YOU as a person?!!
I hope that in the near future people break through the barrier of stereotypes. It angers me as much as racism does; again, it is something that is completely unnecessary to draw into things such as professional life or personality etc. Just because you look a certain way or prefer a certain sex doesn't mean that you are any less of a person. All forms of discrimination are completely and utterly wrong be it positive or negative.

Which brings me to the 'equal opportunities' surveys you get everywhere in the uk. So you have to fill in every bit of your background so that they can give everyone an equal opportunity? Bullshit! If you want to give everyone an equal opportunity you should judge people solely based on their qualifications. Select those who are the most qualified and take their backgrounds out of the equation. Change names to numbers and offer interviews only to those who come out on top. Then and only then can you take into account their personalities and whether they would make a good part of the team.
It shouldn't matter whether you have a specific sexual preference, skin colour, religion etc. As long as you're not trying to push your ways onto anyone else what does it matter? Be yourself and let other people be THEMselves.