Happy New Year!

As another year draws to a close the world focuses on resolutions and trying to better themselves. Each year 99% of the people who make resolutions will break them within january, but it's the thought that counts right?
For me, personally, it has been a particularly hard hitting year. I don't often share any personal information on this blog but it explains the lack of post for a period of time. This year I have had to go through my dad having pulmonary embolisms (blood clots in the lungs) and ending up in hospital with one of his heart chambers enlarged, my cat dying and then my mum dying. On top of that I was told I had to retake the year at uni anddd one of my close friends got deported. So all in all it was a less than happy year really.

But let's focus on moving on, on having a good year and to fulfil our hopes and dreams for the new year.
I'm looking forward to a new year, new chances and renewed focus and drive in my life. And in the new year I am curious as to what is going to happen with the world. Although it is all supposed to end, I wonder if that does happen how it will. There are many ways in which the world could end, as the world is a scary place with scary diseases everywhere. Natural disaster. You name it we've got it.

Anyways, I digress.
I am curious as to what this new year will bring in regards of political progress. And maybe there will not be any political progress, just political regress - which would be a sad state of affairs really.
I hope that things will continue to improve all over the world, that the people of the world will get what they want without regressing back into an unstable mind set, without going into extremist politics.  The fact that the hackers in Germany took down hundreds of neo-nazi sites merely proves that in times of hardship people are leaning towards extremist politics because they are disgruntled with what they median politicians have or have not been able to do. But I think that it is even more important to realise that no extremist political policies would have been able to stop what has been happening in the economy - at the end of the day the economy does what it does and we cannot stop it.

The people who believe in extremist politics are not necessarily bad people, but are often merely misinformed and disillusioned with the way things have gone. There are, however, a minority of people who believe in racist, separatist ways, and they need to get a grip.

As another year has gone by it has been another year where we have realised that peace and unity will not be something that finds a way on its own to spread around the world. So it let's try and cope with with the hatred that is going on in the world whilst we continue to slowly spread the word!

Take care and let's hope that 2012 brings happiness and the fruition of many goals, hopes and dreams!