Ignorance is Bliss

Or so they say, but not to those who aren't ignorant. Those who aren't ignorant are infinitely annoyed (well I am anyway) by the ignorance of others. I have the patience of a saint when teaching someone something as long as they don't give up and aren't ignorant. As soon as that happens murder is the ONLY thing on my mind.
what brought this along, I hear you ask. Well:
As some of you may know, or not, I do breakdance. I'm one of the few people who started this year who is dedicated and interested in it. I love the history and the stories behind it, and the motivations of people. The top bboys are some of the most dedicated people from the poorest backgrounds around - most of the time. And then I see this, and someone going:
"so many bboy moves in kung fu" and I just want to punch someone. It's not like Bboying came first and Kung Fu second. Kung Fu has existed for thousands of years, bboying is something which is recent. (1970s I believe is when the old style breaking came up).
So PLEASE people, don't be ignorant, do your research and then make informed comments. ffsake.