I know that this is not an entirely news-y blog, and actually this is going to be really short and I'll blog properly after my exam, but this is something which is important all the same.
In the circle of people that I am in now, a lot of importance is put on health. Yes half of them eat a lot of shit foods but they also exercise a stupid amount of hours in the week to counteract that. And I think that it is something which is important - I never thought it was, but I realise now the benefits.
So if you can, get yourself into a sport and do something you enjoy.
I dance, I bboy (well Bgirl) and I do hip hop (street dance), and I love it. I got told yesterday that training is back on (properly) and more often, and for longer. That means instead of my 7hrs a week of dancing, I will be dancing 12hrs a week. That's a LOT of dancing. Thus I fully intend to eat my through the rest of the cheesecake I have in my fridge.
Now go get yourself something healthy to do, you'll thank me for it later.