You forgot a very important thing my friends, I am captain Jack sparrow.

Piracy – this is what the Somalians do best… they kidnap people and get randsom.. But they’ve had a bit of a hickup with this English couple… They don’t have any money – so now they are asking the government for help. The point my stepmum made? the UK does not pay randsom money –> they never have and never will. So what is going to happen to the poor people that are being held captive? I honestly don’t know. What I do know is that the Somalians have made piracy a highly lucrative business and do so in a manner completely different to what the age old image is. They no longer take women captive or rob other ships with hand guns and swords. There is never talk of right of “parlay” and there will not be a chance that they are released without randsom money being paid.

The somalians use big guns, big being and understatement at that, and hold people captive for money. They often take people who are likely to have financial backing. their first mistake being this english couple who have a yacht – and that’s it, according to their family. I believe they currently have about 30 hostages or something… so if you’re sailing don’t go anywhere near there unless you want to end up  as bate, and possibly an extra on NCIS…