Fort Hood - Texas

Ok, I feel my blog name is very appropriate right now. What. Was. That?!
Fort Hood, the largest american military base had a shooting, 13 dead, 33 wounded. 1 guy who flipped caused all of it. now the thing that surprised me most, is that I went on to the website this morning, to make sure I had all of the right figures. Their website says NOTHING. I am appalled, already they are covering it up? Or what are they doing? Are they just plain in denial about what happened. Sure I understand that it is important to continue ones life and to move on from what happened, and I'm sure that the base needs to continue to be run - but surely it doesn't need to be ignored this early on? (Check out their website here
Luckily all of the news papers and news channels are currently still commenting on it, and shocked.
I feel it is a bit ridiculous that the Times has had to comment on the fact that the soldier was Muslim, as if this is something so very significant. What does strike me, however, is that Major Nidal Malik Hasan was trained to by a psychiatrist... a bit ironic. So is the fact that he lived in a place called Killeen. But none of this is proof for anything, of course, beyond extreme irony and that if god exists he has a very strange sense of humor.
All in All, what happened in Fort Hood was something that is definitely shocking and rediculous, I hope that Major Hasan gets a very long period in a prison, because that is definitely what he deserves.