Momentary Happiness

Just vaguely philosophical ramblings today I'm afraid.
I had a conversation with a good friend of mine who has been through a lot of pain, and I hate seeing him get hurt, and he declared that he deserved it - which he doesn't.
And so it got me started on a little ramble.

"The worst things often happen to the nicest people, who don't deserve it. Life is not, and will never be, fair. We just put up with it day by day and hope that we might see a little bit of happiness at some point. And then we die, and our children do the same, and so will their children. Until the world ends. Because that's the way the world works. And sometimes people have enough of it and end it before they naturally pass away.
And so those of us that don't cling on to little things like a pretty sunrise, or a starry night. Pleasant conversations and occasional laughter. Because in the end that's all there is, that's all we will ever have

- Momentary Happiness."