Peaceful Syria?

sorry, it's been a while.


For 21 Months Syria has been in uprising, it has been fighting against itself and rebels and loyalists have gone head to head. UN says over 60,000 people have been killed - just imagine how many people have been hurt. And yet still the world isn't properly doing anything against it.

Assad has stepped up and has addressed the nation, still refusing to step down and to negotiate with those he calls 'rebels and terrorists', and is putting the blame on countries who have 'betrayed Syria'.
Many different countries have called for, and have backed, the idea of Assad stepping down, yet he is still refusing. Yet no real action has been taken by the international community, which AJE attributes to the fear of the Rebels unleashing sectarian revenge killings.

For an event which started happening in the Arab spring it is one which has been going on for the longest without any real decisive action happening on either side. It is apparent that Assad is most definitely a dictator who is refusing to relinquish any power, but it is also apparent that the international community is scared of interfering in case further events veer onto a course they cannot control, a course which will veer away from a pro-western community.

Yet Assad is also calling for peace within his country, how he is going to achieve this remains to be seen, however. In all likelihood his way will be one of aggression, fear, intimidation and military actions. So what is it going to take for the international community to step in?

This whole situation reminds me of an Eddie Izzard sketch where he talks about what he calls 'mass murdering fuckheads' (pardon the English). Where he comments on the fact that international communities tend not to interfere when dictators murder their own people, but only start acting when these nations start on their neighbours. 

So it will be an interesting one to watch as this continues to escalate into a greater and greater issue where more people keep killing each other. Me, personally, I don't think peace will come soon.