Walk Like an Egyptian

Oh my dear god, Mubarak has gone absolutely bonkers.
You know what he has done, he has played with fire and it did not go well - 600 egyptians have been injured today. Want to know why?
he paid protesters to support him and to show up to the rallies, thus major clashes erupted. I can't believe it - even for a dictator this is just stupid. I mean wow, how would you even think of that? HOW could you do something like that to your own people.
As if it isn't bad enough that he's currently just like "nooo the egyptians like me, they just don't like the government I put in place..." etc etc etc etc, The guy is either extremely ignorant, stupid are just plain in denial. The reasons why the people that live in his country are protesting is because they are sick of living in a dictatorship. they want democracy. DEMOCRACY. thus not another government appointed by the dictator. It is still people that he has decided to put in place, those who are sympathetic with his way - they are not people that the inhabitants of a nation has voted for.

"Someone - a few people actually - are dropping homemade bombs into the square from the buildings surrounding it," our online producer said.

(from http://english.aljazeera.net/news/middleeast/2011/02/201122124446797789.html)
I suggest you read the article, it is simply shocking what is going on there today. The other thing that really got me from the article is the following quote:

Witnesses also said that pro-Mubarak supporters were dragging away protesters they had managed to grab and handing them over to security forces.
Salma Eltarzi, an anti-government protester, told Al Jazeera there were hundreds of wounded people.

"There are no ambulances in sight, and all we are using is Dettol," she said. "We are all so scared.

It is horrible that people can be against other people like this, what is happening in Egypt is simply horrendous even though the things that are being thought for are things that most of the world stands for. The worst thing being that there is no real medical attention, for a government that wants to stay stay in place it is not doing a lot to keep its people happy. It's not even doing a lot to ensure that IF they do stay in power that the people are going to be even remotely happy. All they appear to be doing is ensuring for more instability in the future - the people who are out on the streets at the moment are not people who are easily going to say - oh ok nevermind we'll just retreat into our old lives again and lay low. Yet these are also not people who are going to be thrown in prison or murdered as there are two many of them. If something happens to them now then the whole world is going to know as the whole world has been watching - ESPECIALLY after Mubarak decided the turn off the internet. Seriously - what was he thinking?
However, it IS wonderful to see people stand up for themselves though, it is amazing that even in this modern day and age people still care about what happens to them and about how they are treated. I think it has been shown a lot this year and last year. People have been standing up for what they believe a lot, students keep protesting. Tunisia revolted and now Egypt is doing the same thing. It is good to see that these people are finally sick of being told what to do all the time - of every aspect of their life being controlled. Hooray for democracy, and glad that there is finally and end coming to all of this.