England and France sharing resources and a nuclear weapon testing facility

Excuse me, what the fuck was that?!
They are TESTING nuclear weapons? Have they learned nothing from the past decades of what testing nuclear weapons does to the people and the areas surrounding the nuclear testing facility?!
It's a bit hypocritical as well seeing as Sarkozy was urging other people to follow his lead and disarm their nuclear armaments testing facilities... which is has now rearmed.
It's incredibly infuriating as the only thing that these weapons are good for are mutual destruction of whoever is involved in the fighting, and possible of a lot more destruction of the surrounding countries depending on how large the target is and whether it is an island or not...
It's so annoying that we have taken a step back with the rearmament of these sorts of facilities.

On the bright side, they have developed a new method for detecting cancerous tumours, with a virus which used the illuminating cells from a jelly fish. Slight glitch at the moment is the fact that the virus still spreads, so those who have continued the research from the guy who actually isolated the gene reckon it will be about another five years until it is ready for clinical trials.. But hey everything like this is positive as it's a step closer to beating cancer, as it allows them to detect the tumours more quickly and various cancers more easily - inevitably allowing to save many lives.