LGBT community

Ok, I have slightly neglected this blog but have been extremely busy recently. Exams are about a month away and I'm terrified.
But what I would like to talk about today is the LGBT community - for those of you ignorant enough to not know what that means it is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transexual [community].
I was asked to fill out a bbc questionaire which talks about the representation of the LGB community (they ignored the T, which I pointed out) and it has made me realise that there isn't a lot of representation in the media of anything which is still seen as remotely out of the ordinary. Which just seems absolutely ridiculous as really the LGBT community should not really be seen as a seperate one as really being Homosexual, Bisexual, Heterosexual or Transexual shouldn't matter at all - all it means is that you are attracted to someone else in the world and that you feel a certain way about yourself.
Where I live it's still very much "out there" to be out and proud, which to me as an absurd idea as I'm from Holland - you don't get much more relaxed about those sorts of issues than in Holland, really.
What should be made is a documentary, to show the narrowminded, precarious, obstreporous snobs what many people have to go through every single day. The amount of abuse you get, the lack of understanding and so much misconception on the whole subject. So I would you to talk to a person on the street, see what they think. Because you might just be surprised, and see that I'm right.