One Million Ruptured Eardrums and One Ruptured Throat

The Vuvuzelas have created a whole new type of injury:
"A Ruptured Throat"
This woman was blowing so hard (Yes that's what she said) and has ruptured her throat...
Now, for me this is good news. Yes that sounds harsh and I am sorry that this woman has ruptured her throat; However, it also means that Vuvuzelas may just be blown less. Maybe, just maybe people will get worried about the health risks of these annoying things and realise that it's alright to just leave the things lying there, without using them and annoying everyone in the world watching the football, the people in the stadium as well as the people who are on the field representing their country. Because, needless to say they are ALL annoyed, because Vuvuzelas are more annoying than a mosquito inside of your mosquito net taunting you all night and then waking up the next morning to find you have bites all over your hands and your face, the TWO bits that were sticking out from under your duvet.
Therefore, Fifa needs to get off their high horse, accept that the vuvuzelas were a bad, very bad idea and ban the fucking things.